Most people have heard of the traditional , surgical brazillian butt lift commonly referred to as a BBL. This procedure involves putting silicone implants in your buttlock in order to create the perfect backside. Unfortunately, this procedure is not only extremely costly, but  requires a substantial amount of downtime and has the highest rate of complications in the plastic surgery industry! 

As a result, non-invasive BBL options are becoming increasingly popular. Among these options is called a vacuum therapy buttlift. Vacuum therapy became available as early as 1970 to treat burns. This technology was eventually incorporated into the world of plastic surgery and became a popular way to shape, lift and define the buttock. The technology is also used on the breast and for the treatment of cellulite. When used on the buttock, the vacuum therapy BBL technique lifts and contours the buttocks without surgery. In addition, a vacuum therapy BBL is also able to break down fatty deposits, improve cellulite, and tighten skin.  It really is a miracle all-in-one treatment!  Best of all, it is virtually painless and requires no down time. 

So how does a non-surgical BBL work? First, your practitioner will apply special see-through suction cups on the buttocks. These cups are left on for about 30-45 minutes while they apply pressure and suction on the patients backside. As the treatment progresses, the practitioner will increase the speed and pressure depending on the patient's tolerance and desired results.  Because the cups are see through, the practitioner will be able to monitor the progress during the treatment. During the treatment, the suction cups will cause an increase in blood flow, lymphatic drainage, and continue to lift, tighten, and enhance the buttock. The patient can expect results to be gradual. Most practitioners recommend 6-8 treatments to reach desired results. After the initial 6-8 results, many people return for monthly or bi-monthly for maintenance. Without proper maintenance,  the fat cells will most likely return to their original position and the buttock may begin to sag. 

Some practitioners recommend drinking a gallon of water the day of and before  treatment. This includes several glasses of water after a treatment in order to ensure that all the toxins are flushed out of your body (as the massage will cause  toxins to be released from the muscles). 

The treatment requires no downtime, although one may feel sore. It is said that one vacuum therapy BBL is equal to 1,500 squats! Those with sensitive skin may also experience some bruising. Any bruising should disappear within a day or two after the treatment. 

The good news is that most people can benefit from this treatment. It is however recommended that pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, cancer patients, those who recently had surgery and/or those who take blood thinners should not get a non-surgical BBL.

Try our amazing non-invasive BBL treatment using vacuum therapy TODAY! Body Contouring Staten Island by Beautie 36 Navy Pier Ct, #b Staten Island, NY 10304. 718-675-4994. 

Thanks to a variety of new medical technologies, there are several  different non-surgical liposuction sculpting methods on the market. This means that the traditional, invasive liposuction treatments that leave a permanent scar and require extensive downtime are now a thing of the past. It is now possible to get instant and lasting results at a clinic near you. Here are some important facts to consider before you get non-surgical liposuction. 

First, the best way to know if non-surgical liposuction is for you is to get a free consultation from your potential clinic. This gives you a chance to see if you like your potential practitioner and ask them any questions you may have. Also, non-surgical liposuction is best suited for those who are close to their ideal weight and have stubborn fat that will not go away with proper diet and exercise. Your potential practitioner should be able to properly evaluate whether or not you fall into this category and will let you know how many treatments you may need. Optimal results are achieved in patients who are healthy, have good skin elasticity, and have realistic expectations of the desired outcomes. If you are looking to eliminate a more significant amount of fat and do not mind a long recovery process, surgical liposuction may be a better choice for you.    On the other hand, if you are looking to improve your overall body shape and want a treatment with very little downtime, non-surgical liposuction is a great choice. 

After you have decided that non-surgical liposuction is a good fit for your body and your lifestyle, it is important to consider the following: First, non-surgical liposuction, like surgical liposuction is permanent as long as your fat loss is properly maintained with a healthy diet and exercise routine. Therefore, it is recommended to have a pre-established diet and fitness regime before you invest the time and money into non-surgical liposuction in order to properly maintain your results. 

Last, it is recommended to consider  non-surgical skin tightening after non-surgical liposuction. Non-surgical skin tightening treatments such as radio-frequency therapy  (RF therapy) uses radio waves to vibrate and heat the deep layer of the skin called the dermis.  This heat triggers collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production and in turn,  tightens the underlying skin structure to create a more youthful appearance. After fat is removed during a non-surgical lipo treatment, skin tightening can accentuate the body sculpting results. Therefore, many people choose to combine non-surgical liposuction and non-surgical skin tightening treatments (e.g non-surgical body cavitation liposuction + radio-frequency therapy). 

If you are ready to try non-surgical liposuction, Body Contouring by The Beautie Bar provides the highest quality aesthetic services. Our certified aestheticians strive to give every client the best experience, customizing every treatment to their specific needs. We are committed to providing the most effective body contouring services at affordable prices. We service both men and women to give them the body of their dreams Contact us today Body Contouring Staten Island by Beautie 36 Navy Pier Ct, #b Staten Island, NY 10304. 718-675-4994. 

Liposuction has always been one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. It is safe, effective and can permanently remove fat. In the last few decades, there has been a surge of non surgical liposuction options that do not require any anesthesia, significant downtime, or insincions. They are also most cost effective. Let us compare the pro’s and con’s of these two types of liposuction. 

Traditional surgical liposuction is a great way to permanently remove body fat. Traditional liposuction is a rather invasive procedure and is performed by inserting a tool called a cannula into the body. The cannula is activated and then liquifies deposits of fat cells in the target area. The dissolved fat is then immediately removed by a separate cannula. This type of liposuction is considered more aggressive and does require significant downtime and recovery. Patients can expect bruising, soreness, and swelling after liposuction. Traditional liposuction also has a higher risk of post treatment complications compared to non-surgical liposuction. Due to the trauma caused to the area, patients can expect swelling to last several months. Therefore, results from traditional lipo take about 6 months to show.  However, due to the technique used in liposuction, the final results are often more dramatic and longer lasting than non-surgical liposuction. Therefore, if you have a significant amount of fat to remove, surgical liposuction may be the best option. 

Non-surgical liposuction has risen in popularity and is now making liposuction accessible to the masses. There are several different types of non-surgical liposuction. Each uses different technology, devices and techniques to achieve desired results. Some popular options today including CoolSculpting, Cavi-Lipo, laser-lipo,  truSculpt, SculpSure, and red-light therapy. One’s choice in non-surgical liposuction will often depend on their budget and what is available in their area. One thing that all these different non-surgical liposuction options provide is that they are 1) minimally invasive 2) require little to no downtime 3)  more cost effective than the traditional liposuction. Therefore, non-surgical liposuction is a more popular liposuction choice today due to these three factors. 

Some important things to consider is that traditional liposuction is better intended for those looking for more dramatic results. Non-surgical liposuction is ideal for those who are already at their ideal weight, have good skin elasticity, and just want to improve smaller spots on the body.

Body Contouring Staten Island by Beautie offers the best and most popular non-surgical liposuction treatments on the market today! Call us today for a free consultation.  Body Contouring Staten Island by Beautie 36 Navy Pier Ct, #b Staten Island, NY 10304. 718-675-4994. 

So you’ve invested a lot of time and money into your body-contour treatments. You’ve perfected your shape, are feeling more confident, and finally got rid of that stubborn fat in your problem areas. It would be disappointing to see those results fade and go to waste. Therefore, it is important to maintain and/or implement certain lifestyle changes in order to see lasting results. Here are some important things we believe you should do following your body-contour treatment. 

Stick to healthy diet 

Now is the time to maintain healthy eating habits. You want to get into a grove of eating wholesome, filling, and energizing foods. This includes eating plenty of vegetables and fruits, protein, healthy fats like avocado, nuts and seeds and other healthy carbohydrate choices such as sweet potatoes and beets. Your results will be more apparent if you stick to a diet without excess salt consumption and refined sugars.  This also includes drinking plenty of water throughout the day (at least two liters depending on activity levels) If you struggle to eat in a healthy, sustainable way, now is also a great time to seek the help of a registered dietitian to help you stay on track.

Exercise regularly

Exercising is important for your health and your figure. If you want to stay healthy and toned, make sure to develop a consistent exercise routine that includes both strength training exercises and aerobic workouts. It is especially important to find an exercise routine that you enjoy and that fits your lifestyle. This will make the habit of exercise significantly easier.  This could mean the gym, fun group classes, kickboxing or team sports. If you eat healthy and consistently exercise, you will be significantly more likely to maintain your results from body-contour treatments.

Develop a healthy lifestyle before your body contour procedure

Of course, it is best to get in a good healthy eating and exercise routine before your body-contour treatments.  All beginnings are hard and are sometimes met with setbacks and challenges. Therefore, it is preferred to make such mistakes before you invest in body-contour treatments. On the other hand, a body-contour treatment such as laser-lipo or Cavi-lipo may act as an incentive for some people to stick to a healthy diet and exercise routine.  Regardless, it is best to have some sort of structure before you invest the time and money into body-contour treatments. 

Follow your practitioners post-op advice

It is imperative to follow your practitioners  post-op advice. The good news is that body-contour treatments such as non-surgical liposuction requires very little downtime. However, it is still important to follow the post-op instructions to ensure the best results. This information will vary depending on what non-surgical body-contour treatment you choose. The most significant thing to look out for is evidence of any potential complications. While these are extremely rare, it is better to call your practitioner if you have even the slightest concern.

If you want to eliminate stubborn fat on your problem areas, call  Body Contouring Staten Island by Beautie and we will take care of all of your needs! Body Contouring Staten Island by Beautie 36 Navy Pier Ct, #b Staten Island, NY 10304. 718-675-4994. 

Love Handles

Love handles are a very popular treatment area. They respond very well to non-surgical liposuction. In addition, they are one area of the body that will hold on to fat even after significant weight loss. If you want to feel more confident in a bathing suit and want your clothes to fit better, give non-surgical liposuction a try on your love handles.


The stomach is a very popular choice for body contouring for both men and women. We all store excess fat in our stomachs and this area also responds very well to non-surgical liposuction. It is important to note that the abdomen area is divided into two parts: the upper and lower region. If you are looking to get liposuction to combat excess fat on your lower abdomen, it is still important to consider getting some touch ups on your upper abdomen to make sure results are symmetrical. Therefore, most people will receive body-contouring on the entirety of the stomach for uniform results. 


The outer and inner thigh region is also a very popular choice to get non-surgical liposuction. It only takes a few quick and easy treatments to see amazing, transformative results. Many women request to treat their outer thigh fat pads, as this area commonly holds on to fat due to hormones. 

Double Chin

Both men and women are loving non-surgical liposuction to treat stubborn double chins. The results are amazing and instantly change a person's entire appearance and confidence. There are some non-surgical liposuction devices that are now able to treat this trouble spot for many. For example, the lipo-laser treatment uses a low degree laser technology to melt fat cells, which are then naturally removed through the lymphatic system. It is completely non-invasive and has little to no downtime or discomfort. 

Upper Arms and Bra Bulge

The upper arm area is another very popular choice, especially during the hotter, summer months when the arms are more exposed. This is especially true on the back of the arms by the bra area. Eliminating the fat here makes wearing a bra more comfortable and clothing fits better. 


Many people love non-surgical liposuction in the buttock region in order to eliminate individual fat pockets in the area. The result is a smoother, rounder looking backside. 

If you want to eliminate stubborn fat on your problem areas, call  Body Contouring Staten Island by Beautie and we will take care of all of your needs! Body Contouring Staten Island by Beautie 36 Navy Pier Ct, #b Staten Island, NY 10304. 718-675-4994. 

Radio-frequency skin treatments (RF) have become a very popular skin treatment in recent years. RF treatments are most known for their amazing ability to tighten skin and stimulate collagen. Here are some things you should know about RF treatments before you decide to get one.

RF treatments are currently the gold standard in treating sagging, aging skin. They are noninvasive and relatively gentle compared to other skin tightening treatments. So how do RF treatments work? Radio-frequency treatments cause three things to happen to the skin. First, the RF treatment  heats the skin, causes collagen to shrink, and as a result, tightens the skin. Next, the RF treatment  stimulates the production of new collagen, thereby making the skin appear more elastic and youthful. Last, the RF treatment  stimulates the production of collagen fibers which also tightens and revitalizes the skin. One can see immediate results 1-3 days after receiving radiofrequency treatments. However, the great thing about RF treatments is that results continue to improve up to 3 months prior to the treatment. Even better news is that the treatment requires very little down time, is virtually painless, and has very little side effects. 

While RF treatments are popularly used on the face, RF treatments also work wonders on the body. RF treatments for the body are performed at a higher temperature than the face and can help decrease the appearance of stretch marks, firm, tighten and lift loose skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Popular treatment areas include upper arms, abs, and thighs.  RF treatments are also commonly paired with non-invasive liposuction treatments such as ultrasound cavitation liposuction (cavi-lipo) treatments. The two together make an amazing pair when a patient is looking to shrink and tone certain areas on the body.  Cavi-lipo is amazing at targeting and killing fat cells at the treatment area. However, sometimes patients may want to further perfect a  lipo-treatment by making the area look more toned and sculpted. RF treatments fill in the gap and make any lipo treatment extraordinary. 

Like most non-invasive body contouring treatments, optimal results typically occur over the course of several sessions (6-12 sessions) and are best done in conjunction with diet and exercise.

If you want to try the RF treatment everyone is talking about, call Body Contouring Staten Island by Beautie TODAY and we will make sure to give you the best treatment and best prices in NYC!

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Oh, cellulite. Cellulite is a totally normal physical feature that 85% of woman have. It is also part of the aging and maturation process. While cellulite is a completely normal and natural physical phenomenon that happens to people of every shape, size and color, sometimes we might want to find a way to eliminate or reduce its appearance in order to feel more confident. However, can we ever truly get rid of cellulite. If yes, how?

Cellulite is the dimpled skin that usually appears around the thighs and buttock. Its appearance is due to the fact that the fatty tissue deep beneath the skin pushes up against connective tissue. Our thighs and buttock usually hold most of our fatty tissue which is why it is commonly found in those areas. While the appearance is mostly due to the fat pushing against the connective tissue, there are other reasons why cellulite may be more prominent in some vs. others. These include: tissue inflammation, loss of collagen, poor blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, age, higher than normal estrogen levels, and the thinning of the outer dermis layer of skin. 

Because there are different contributing factors to the appearance of cellulite, there are also different remedies to cellulite. These include message (to help circulation and lymphatic drainage), ingestion of collagen peptides (to regain collagen), diet and exercise ( to reduce the amount of fat pushing against the connective tissue and to help tighten the skin in the butt and thigh region), and increased water intake (to help with circulation and skin elasticity) 

If one is doing all of these different cellulite remedies and still not seeing desired results, liposuction may be a very effective treatment for cellulite. This is due to the fact that the number one contributor to cellulite is due to the presence of fat in the butt and thigh region. Due to hormones, it is often the case that women cannot lose the fat in this region even after diet and exersize. Therefore, liposuction may be the only way to help cellulite improve or disappear completely. Cavi-lipo is especially effective is eliminating cellulite and it is completely non-invasive. It works by breaking down fat cells, liquifying them and thereby eliminating the type of fat that leads to the appearance of cellulite.

If you want to try and eliminate your cellulite once and for all, call  Body Contouring Staten Island by Beautie and we will take care of all of your needs!Body Contouring Staten Island by Beautie 36 Navy Pier Ct, #b Staten Island, NY 10304. 718-675-4994.

Everyone has heard about a Brazilian Butt Lift (endearingly known as a BBL). But did you know there are several different ways to achieve the derriere of your dreams?  Your choice of BBL will depend on your needs and budget so let’s explore the different options.

The first type of BBL includes the more invasive and surgical methods of achieving a perfect rear. The standard BBL is typically referred to as the process of taking unwanted fat from different areas of your body, harvesting and purifying  that fat, and then injecting the fat into different parts of the buttock. The result is a larger, rounder and lifted bum. There is also a surgical BBL option where silicone implants and placed in your buttlock in order to create the desired shape and volume. Obviously, these two methods can include substantial downtime and a pretty penny.  They also come with an increase of potential unwanted side effects. In fact, surgical BBL’s have the highest rate of complications in the plastic surgery industry.

For those who are looking for a less-invasive, safer, and less expensive option to a BBL, you are in luck! There are currently two main different types of non-surgical BBL’s. The first type involves adding volume and lift to the buttock using dermal fillers. This involves injecting a dermafiller called Sculptra into your buttock in different places. While the results are immediate and non-invasive, the procedure is very expensive (between $5k-$7k) and only lasts 18 months on average.  The next type of non-invasive BBL is known as the vacuum-therapy BBL. Also known as vacuotherapy, this technique lifts and contours the buttocks by using a suction device with glass cups.  The cupping massage manipulates the tissues in the butt and upper thigh and leaves the patients with a perfected and lifted bum. In addition, vacuum therapy uses special technology to take a portion of fat from your hips, abdomen, lower back, or thighs and then strategically positioning them in your buttocks in order to achieve a more prominent and well-rounded bum. Results are instant and absolutely amazing. Side effects are minimal and the treatment has  very little risks. Unfortunately, results are not 100% permanent and can require 2-8 sessions in order to achieve the desired effect.

Try our amazing non-invasive BBL treatment using vacuotherapy TODAY! Body Contouring Staten Island by Beautie 36 Navy Pier Ct, #b Staten Island, NY 10304. 718-675-4994.

Cavi-Lipo + Lipo-Laser = an absolutely perfect match. Why are these two treatments so compatible and so ever popular? Let’s find out!

Cavi-lipo and lipo laser treatments on their own have been two very popular, non-invasive ways to remove stubborn fat for many years now. Cavi-lipo works by using ultrasound waves to break down fat cells which are then naturally eliminated from the body. Lipo-laser works by using the energy from a laser light to heat and destroy unwanted fat cells. Lipo-laser also has the added benefit of causing the production of collagen which makes skin tighter and more youthful. 

While each treatment is amazing on its own, what happens when you combine the two together? And why would one choose to do the two treatments together in the first place? The answer lies in what each treatment excels at. Laser-lipo is best known for its ability to puncture and thereby empty fat cells. Cavi-lipo is best known for its ability to dissolve the entire fat cell itself. That way, by emptying and subsequently killing the entire part of the fat cell, one can expect to see both immediate and long-term results due to the increased likelihood of the fat cells ever getting a chance to refill. Therefore, when you  combine the two treatments you get an absolutely killer combo that is completely non-invasive and requires little to no post-op down time.  This is awesome news, as laser-lipo was commonly performed before traditional lipo was used. However, as we know, traditional lipo is a lot more invasive and requires a tremendous amount of recovery time. 

Another amazing benefit of combining these two treatments is that the laser-lipo has an added benefit of tightening the skin. One of the traditional downsides of liposuction was the potentially loose skin that was left behind post treatment. Thanks to lipo-laser treatments, a solution to this problem was found. Collagen is a natural protein found in our bodies. Collagen is what is mostly responsible for giving our bodies a healthy, tight and youthful appearance. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why collagen in our body breaks down. This is usually due to the aging process, exposure to sun, and weight fluctuations. The great news is that collagen can be produced due to the heat of the lipo-laser. As a result, patients are left with  tighter, smoother and more youthful skin post treatment. This is definitely an added bonus!

If you want to try this amazing combination, all Body Contouring Staten Island by Beautie TODAY to receive the best treatment and the best prices in NYC!Body Contouring Staten Island by Beautie 36 Navy Pier Ct, #b Staten Island, NY 10304. 718-675-4994.

So, you decided you want to try body contouring treatments. Thanks to new amazing medical technology, there are a few different body sculpting methods to choose from. This means that the traditional, invasive liposuction treatments that leave a permanent scar are now a thing of the past. Let us examine two of the most popular techniques, body cavitation (aka cavi-lipo) and coolsculpting and see how they both add up.

Coolsculpting works by freezing fat cells which in turn begin to kill and collapse fat cells. Your cells in your body detect these dying cells and are naturally broken down and flushed out of your body. There is no substantial recovery time after a cool sculpting treatment and fat can be reduced up to 20 to 25% in the targeted area. The great thing about this technique is that it is completely non invasive. Instead, a machine is run over your skin and is relatively pain free (although some report a feeling of general discomfort). Coolscultping can result in some unwanted side effects. These range from general discomfort to more serious side effects including nerve  damage and paradoxical adipose hyperplasia. This is when the fat cells in the treatment site actually grow larger instead of smaller). 

So how does body cavitation (Cavi-Lipo) compare to coolsculpting?  Cavi-lipo works by using ulta-sound waves to break down fat cells which are then naturally eliminated from the body. While coolsculpting has many amazing benefits, cavi-lipo seems to really take the cake for a variety of reasons. First of all, coolsculping is the only FDA approved to work on 5 treatment areas (abs, love handles, outer and inner thighs, and chin). Cavi-lipo on the other hand is approved to use everywhere on the body. This is great news for those looking to target other problem areas such as the neck, buttock and upper arms. Second, Cavi-Lipo is usually less expensive than coolsculpting. Patients report that they can see results immediately after treatment and continue to improve days and weeks after the initial treatment.  Last, Cavi-lipo is also reported to have  less side effects than coolsculpting. However, one should be aware that some side effects are possible including skin sensitivity, mild bruising and fluid build up at the treatment site.

If you want to try cavi-lipo today, call Body Contouring Staten Island by Beautie TODAY to receive the best treatment and the best prices in NYC!
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