Body Cavitation

Cavitation uses an ultrasound frequency to burst fat cells that get naturally disposed of through the lymphatic system. It also uses RF to build collagen and help tighten skin. For best results 6-12 sessions are needed. In combination with Lipo laser, on average clients tend to lose anywhere between 4-6 inches in the treated area

Thanks to the latest innovations in the cosmetic industry, beauty doesn’t have to come with pain again. Body cavitation provides a non-invasive means to lose some fat cells. By utilizing ultrasound technology, our body cavitation therapy eliminates fat cells in targeted parts of your body.

This body sculpting art will help you get a more aesthetically appealing body and the properly aligned figure you desire.

If you’re searching for a safe means to reduce your body fat without going through extreme measures, non-surgical body cavitation is the deal.

The result of our body cavitation treatment is as significant as what you expect from liposuction or surgery once you complete your customized sessions.

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