Radio-frequency skin treatments (RF) have become a very popular skin treatment in recent years. RF treatments are most known for their amazing ability to tighten skin and stimulate collagen. Here are some things you should know about RF treatments before you decide to get one.

RF treatments are currently the gold standard in treating sagging, aging skin. They are noninvasive and relatively gentle compared to other skin tightening treatments. So how do RF treatments work? Radio-frequency treatments cause three things to happen to the skin. First, the RF treatment  heats the skin, causes collagen to shrink, and as a result, tightens the skin. Next, the RF treatment  stimulates the production of new collagen, thereby making the skin appear more elastic and youthful. Last, the RF treatment  stimulates the production of collagen fibers which also tightens and revitalizes the skin. One can see immediate results 1-3 days after receiving radiofrequency treatments. However, the great thing about RF treatments is that results continue to improve up to 3 months prior to the treatment. Even better news is that the treatment requires very little down time, is virtually painless, and has very little side effects. 

While RF treatments are popularly used on the face, RF treatments also work wonders on the body. RF treatments for the body are performed at a higher temperature than the face and can help decrease the appearance of stretch marks, firm, tighten and lift loose skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Popular treatment areas include upper arms, abs, and thighs.  RF treatments are also commonly paired with non-invasive liposuction treatments such as ultrasound cavitation liposuction (cavi-lipo) treatments. The two together make an amazing pair when a patient is looking to shrink and tone certain areas on the body.  Cavi-lipo is amazing at targeting and killing fat cells at the treatment area. However, sometimes patients may want to further perfect a  lipo-treatment by making the area look more toned and sculpted. RF treatments fill in the gap and make any lipo treatment extraordinary. 

Like most non-invasive body contouring treatments, optimal results typically occur over the course of several sessions (6-12 sessions) and are best done in conjunction with diet and exercise.

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